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  • 80 hour test for alcohol. Research shows that a urine alcohol test using EtG is an accurate indicator of alcohol consumption for an 80-hour time period.

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  • Repeated, abusive drinking can lead to serious health, relationship, financial, educational, legal, and employment problems as well as to alcohol addiction

  • Statistics on Alcohol Abuse. Learn about alcohol abuse effects, alcohol abuse statistics and long term effects of alcohol abuse like alcohol abuse problems.

  • Alcohol and drug counselor practice tests can give candidates insights into the ways in which dependent behaviors and activities can be identified and measured.

  • Breath Alcohol Test and Alcohol Blood Test. Blood tests for alcohol are accurate but an alcohol breathalyzer test is less costly than alcohol blood testing.

  • Breath Alcohol Test Legal Limit. Since 2002 the alcohol breath legal limit has been a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher in all 50 states.

  • Alcohol in blood test. A blood alcohol test is the most accurate method in use today for testing blood alcohol level or blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

  • Alcohol Tests. Learn about alcohol testing, why employers test for alcohol, which alcohol test is the most effective and why testing for alcohol is so vital.

  • Alcoholism videos. Videos about alcoholism.

  • Beating the alcohol swab test: abstain from alcohol, drink water, eliminate body alcohol by perspiration, and consider using Ultra Klean Saliva Mouthwash.

  • Company Alcohol Tests. Company drug and alcohol testing may increase in the future because of drug and alcohol-related fatalities, injuries, and accidents.

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  • A breath alcohol test is an estimate of blood alcohol content based on the alcohol that is exhaled. The Datamaster 2000 is a breath alcohol tester.

  • Detection time of alcohol in urine drug test. The EtG urine test can detect alcohol consumed within the past 80 hours after it has been metabolism by the body.

  • DOT alcohol testing. The DOT mandatory alcohol testing program requires the use of a standardized breathalyzer test and not an alcohol blood test.

  • DOT Procedures: Blood Alcohol and Breathalyzer Tests - The DOT mandatory alcohol testing program requires a breathalyzer test and not an alcohol blood test.

  • Mandatory alcohol treatment for people in jail for alcohol-related offenses and key changes in attitudes about drinking will reduce the number of people who die in alcohol-related traffic accidents.

  • DUI attorneys are experts in DUI law. DUI lawyers have access to legal techniques, research data, and info of which other lawyers may not be aware.

  • DUI. Since DUI is the most frequently committed crime in the United States, it makes sense that many individuals have questions about DUIs and drunk driving.

  • Have you been charged with DUI? Keep in mind that a local DUI lawyer may be able to help you fight the charges against you and save your driver's license.

  • Employee Alcohol Testing. Employee drug and alcohol testing may increase in the future due to drug and alcohol-related injuries, accidents, and deaths.

  • Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing Statistics. Often, employee drug and alcohol testing statistics need to be presented to make an impact on people.

  • Hair tests for alcohol. Hair tests for alcohol have recently become appropriate for alcohol screening and testing because they now can detect alcohol.

  • How long can alcohol be detected by a saliva test? When using a saliva test, alcohol use can be detected for approximately 10 to 24 hours.

  • How long will alcohol stay in system for urine tests? An EtG urine test can detect alcohol in the body up to 80 hours after the last drink has been metabolized.

  • How sensitive are drug urine tests to alcohol? Certain urine alcohol tests can detect alcohol in the body for up to 80 hours after the last drink.

  • If you want to learn how to pass an alcohol urine test, you can try the "good luck" approach---or you can abstain from drinking alcohol during the workweek

  • The MAST alcohol test. The Michigan Alcohol Screen Test (MAST) is a self-scoring test that helps determine if a person has a drinking problem.

  • If passing alcohol urinalysis tests are important, the person should not drink during the workweek, especially if the company has random alcohol urine tests.

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  • Straight talk for problem drinkers. This is an overview of alcohol problems with an emphasis on problem drinkers and their alcohol-related difficulties.

  • Urine alcohol test EtG. The presence of EtG in the urine shows that alcohol been consumed within 80 hours after the alcohol has been metabolized by the body.

  • Validity of blood alcohol tests. Blood alcohol tests are the most accurate method in use today for testing a person's blood alcohol content.

  • Workplace Alcohol Testing. Workplace drug and alcohol testing may increase in the coming years due to alcohol-related injuries, accidents, and fatalities.