Alcoholism Videos


Here are some wonderful alcoholism videos for you to watch and enjoy.

We have included some alcoholism videos (located below) so that you can see and hear directly from various people about their struggles with this disease.

If you, a family member, or one of your friends has a "drinking problem," seeing what others have gone through and how they attained successful recovery is much more "real" than any information you can read about.

Furthermore, watching these videos may help you understand what others with a drinking problem are experiencing. So make sure you look at these excellent videos!

The first video is entitled "Talking With Cat Power" and is about the professional singer/songwriter Cat Power, her alcoholism, and her recovery. This video is 4 minutes and 39 seconds long.

The second video is entitled "What It Really Feels Like" and is about a young lady about 20 years old who discusses the fact that her Dad is dying from alcoholism. In this video, this young lady stresses how important it is for people to stay away from excessive drinking. This video is 9 minutes and 39 seconds long.

The third video is entitled "Truth and Consequences" and is about teen drinking, sex, fetal alcohol syndrome, smoking, drugs, and the effects of alcohol, drugs, and smoking on the unborn child. This video is 10 minutes and 1 second long.

The fourth video is entitled "Ferguson Speaks From The Heart" and is about late night talk show host Craig Ferguson and his ordeal with alcoholism. Ferguson, who has been sober for 15 years, talks honestly about drinking and how some people, including himself, cannot drink alcohol--even responsibly.

Ferguson stresses that everyone has to be responsible for their own actions. Ferguson then talked about Britney Spears and identified her as a person who needs compassion and help. This is a well-done, honest video about alcoholism that is worth watching. This video is 12 minutes and 30 minutes long.

The fifth video is entitled "Recovery: What Makes An Addict" is a video about addiction. A key topic is that when we focus on the "why" of addiction, we find out that addicts are trying to change the way they feel. Also discussed are the 12 characteristics of addiction. This video is 9 minutes and 19 seconds long.