Alcohol Abuse Issues


The following represents various issues, problems, and short stories about people who have faced drinking problems.

Abusive Drinking, a Traffic Fatality, and a DUI

Pete was a party person ever since he went to college fifteen years ago. Due to the fact that he had been drinking fairly often over the past twenty years, drinking was almost as natural to Pete as breathing.

In fact, it was simply assumed that Pete would be drinking at virtually every event he attended.

Pete had been living this way for many years and since he hadn't noticed any major negative effects of alcohol, he continued doing as he had for the past twenty years.

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye his life was changed forever. One night after drinking all evening, he got into a car accident. Apparently, he had fallen asleep at the wheel and ran directly into an oncoming car.

The three college students in the other car were killed instantly due to the high rate of speed of both vehicles. Now facing a DUI and vehicular homicide, Pete's drinking days were now a thing of the past.

But for the rest of his life he would have to deal with the fact that due to his abusive drinking, three young people lost their lives.


A New Girlfriend Motivates a Roofing Contractor to Stop Drinking

Frank was a hard-working roofing contractor who started to feel the effects of alcohol each day when he got up for work.

Sure, he usually had a lot of fun while partying with his friends, but lately he started to feel tired and extremely lethargic every morning.

Like a lot of guys, he didn't do much about his drinking "problem" until he stated to date a much younger woman.

Realizing that drinking had added a few unwanted pounds and was draining his energy, Frank stopped drinking and began exercising every morning before going to work.

Within a few weeks, he noticed that his energy level had returned, he lost a few pounds, and felt more comfortable when he went out with his new girlfriend.

Some people, fortunately, get the message very quickly about the negative effects of alcohol abuse. In Frank's case, his new girlfriend was the trigger for him to stop drinking and to get back into shape.

The Negative Consequences of Student Alcohol Abuse

How do the negative effects of alcohol abuse affect students? First, excessive drinking negatively impacts academic performance. Second, heavy drinking breeds absenteeism, illness, and tardiness. Third, abusive drinking by students is highly correlated with school-related violence and crime.

Fourth, engaging in alcohol abuse at by students is associated with an increase in sexual harassment and sexual crimes within the school. Fifth, students who engage in abusive drinking helps create an atmosphere where academic excellence and personal responsibility are driven out by an "anything goes" mentality.

And sixth, heavy drinking by students is highly interconnected with gang behavior. In sum, it appears that alcohol abuse by students leads only to serious problems and issues and accomplishes absolutely nothing of value or worth.

A Teacher Plants Some Seeds About Drinking Behavior

Miss Jones was an eighth-grade teacher in one of the largest junior high schools in the city. As part of "alcohol awareness week" Miss Jones decided to discuss the negative alcohol effects on the body with her students.

Since the topic was so vast, she decided to break down the topic to include the physical, psychological, financial, social, legal, and employment problems that are related to excessive and irresponsible drinking.

Miss Jones also decided that she would highlight the health hazards of alcohol abuse and how continuing such drinking behavior can and does lead to alcohol addiction.

Miss Jones didn't expect to make major changes in the way her students view drinking. In fact, her goal is to plant some seeds that will hopefully make them make more intelligent decisions when they start to drink.


A Woman Talks to an Employees Assistance Program Counselor About Alcohol Abuse

Janet made an appointment to see one of the therapists in the company-affiliated employees assistance program. She had been drinking more than usual and she wanted to find out if she should change her drinking pattern.

After talking about her general health with Mrs. Jacobs, the counselor, Janet came right out and asked about the long term effects of alcohol on the body, the brain, and on a person's emotions.

The bottom line was that a person should always drink responsibly and avoid binge drinking in order to avoid any alcohol related problems down the road.